Hello, I'm Brian! 👋

Software Engineer, Full-stack Web Developer, and Unity hobbyist from San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from San Francisco State University in Spring 2020. I aim to create top quality applications with a keen eye for usability. My favorite development environment is C#/.NET.

Featured Projects

These are some of the past projects I worked on that I choose to showcase.

Hextech Check

View champion mastery and check Hextech chests obtained for your League of Legends summoner. Users have the ability to apply sorting and filters to alter the appearance of the table. Built with React Next.js TypeScript and Tailwind CSS.

ReactNextJSTypeScriptTailwind CSS
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AsukaNet Discord bot

Discord bot written in C# using the Discord.Net library and dependency injection with .NET 6, Entity Framework Core with MySQL database, and Docker for build and deployment. Various utility and fun commands are available for users to manage roles, fetch Urban Dictionary definitions, play music, and more.

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Text Morph

Web app allowing users to transform text, built with Angular and styled with Tailwind CSS. Ability to manipulate letter casing, trim whitespace, insert clap emojis between words, convert numbers to spelled-out words, and more.

AngularTypeScriptTailwind CSS
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Infection FPS

Multiplayer first-person shooter game created in Unity C# with Mirror Networking. Matches are round-based and allow up to 8 players with weapons located around the map for players to wield. Includes custom shaders, particle VFX, and 3D audio with FMOD. Developed by a team of 8.

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Raspberry Pi robot car

Autonomous self-driving robot car powered by motors and sensors on a Raspberry Pi written in C. The car navigates an obstacle course by following a black line and avoiding nearby objects using its sensors. Developed by a team of 4.

CRaspberry Pi
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Mecha Fighter VR

Multiplayer Virtual Reality fighting game created in Unity C# using SteamVR SDK. Networking server code written in Java. Perform special attacks with a gesture motion detection system. Developed by a team of 5.

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RPG Core Combat Sandbox

Top-down click to move and attack combat system for a 3D RPG game created in Unity C#. Utilizes the Universal Render Pipeline to create custom shaders for water, animation controller for 3D character animations, particle system for spell VFX, and terrain tools to sculpt terrain.

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BaySpace - Image posting

Full-stack web application built with NodeJS, Express, Bootstrap, and MySQL deployed on AWS. Includes user registration and authentication, search and filters, and responsive interface. Developed by a team of 8.

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Bomberman Java

Four player bomberman game written in Java with Java Swing and built with Maven. Features include variable explosion range algorithm, randomly generated tile-based maps with support for pre-defined custom maps, collision detection, sprite animations, and more.

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Tank Game Java

Two player tank game written in Java with Java Swing and built with Maven. Includes collision detection implementing the Visitor design pattern, custom maps, powerups, destructible walls, custom maps, UI, sprite animations, and more.

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I enjoy learning and using new tools and technologies every day. Below is a collection of what I am most familiar with when building projects.

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Want to get in touch?

If you have any business inquiries, shoot me an email! I am open to all entry level software engineer opportunities. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, download my resume, and explore all of my projects on GitHub.

Email: contact@bhlai.com

Resume: https://blai30.github.io/resume/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/blai/

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